Since 2009, Zaharaly Cleaners has given top notch commercialand residential floor services. With over 15 years of experiencethey have expanded the horizon towards floor care.
Zaharaly Cleaners is not just a cleaning company, but also, can maintain your floorlife for many years to come.
Our goal is to provide our customers the best quality of work in a timely manner with our professional technicians.
The beauty and life
of your floors depends
on the care it receives
Our goal is to provide your building with a high level of service and support that not only exceeds the expectations of anyone who walks through the door, but also provides an extremely clean and safe environment. We strive to put ourselves at your disposal to clean your facilities at the time that is most convenient for you. In the morning, at night or even during lunch, just tell us when you need us and we will go. We are committed to ensuring that your property is as clean as possible without interfering with your daily operations.